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Join me a few times a month as I chat about all aspects of living life as a member of the Black community. My guests and I discuss everything from motherhood, relationships and entrepreneurship to travel and everything in between. If you're here, then I already know: you're part of my tribe!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Sante Grace: This Black Owned Plus Size Clothing Brand Brings Style & Quality To The Plus Size Arena

    Giving What It's Supposed To Give: Black Owned Plus Size Clothing That Flatters & Inspires USE CODE ALLDAY TO SAVE 15% ON YOUR SANTE GRACE PURCHASE Today's episode brought to you by my ...


  2. Authentic Living: How To Find Your True Self

    Authentic Living: Why It's Important And How To Start Today's chat with Bianca Hughes is near and dear to my heart. If you're on my email list or you follow me on social, we've discussed the importance of honoring ourselves and who we are ...


  3. How To Advocate For Yourself With Your Doctor + Google Alert! How To Determine Whether Your Source Is Actually Credible

    Today's episode is a good one, ya'll! My guest, Shala Thomas, is a medical communication specialist, so she knows a thing or two about reliable sources. In this episode, we discuss everything from how to advocate for yourself with your doctor to the vaccine trials and how to ...


  4. Finding Yourself As A Mom

    In today's episode, I discuss finding yourself as a mom and giving yourself permission to pursue your passions outside of motherhood with Allyson A. Robinson with the Hey Girl, It's Allyson podcast. This episode was super important; as parents, we're always trying to find that balance between being ...


  5. How To Start Montessori At Home

    In today's podcast episode, I'm chatting with Anitra Jackson of Chronicles of a Momtessorian about the meaning of Montessori and how to start Montessori at home and/ or in the classroom. If you're a homeschooling parent, teacher, or a parent who's just looking to switch things up a ...