Authentic Living: How To Find Your True Self

Episode 15 October 23, 2021 00:28:00
Authentic Living: How To Find Your True Self
Authentic Living: How To Find Your True Self

Show Notes

Authentic Living: Why It's Important And How To Start

Today's chat with Bianca Hughes is near and dear to my heart. If you're on my email list or you follow me on social, we've discussed the importance of honoring ourselves and who we are OUTSIDE of being mothers. I recently began that journey for myself, and it has definitely made me a more present and relaxed mother and partner. Embracing and celebrating all of the parts that make up who you are is the perfect example of authentic living.

If you're someone who struggles with living authentically and you want to find your true self, I encourage you to have a listen! Bianca breaks down her work as an authenticity coach (yes, she offers virtual sessions!) and gives pointers to start your journey of living authentically and overcoming perfectionism. FULL SHOWNOTES HERE

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Bianca Hughes is a Licensed Professional Counselor & Authenticity Coach and the owner of Authentically Be You Counseling. She specializes in helping women who are struggling with overcoming perfectionism and who want to embrace authentic living.

Bianca actually began her personal journey with authenticity very early on. Growing up in London with Caribbean roots, Bianca prided herself on her raw honesty until she began to realize it was always more judgmental and directed at other people rather than herself. She began the work of recognizing her strengths and areas of improvement, and embracing her true authentic self.

Today, Bianca Hughes helps her patients in therapy and through her work as an authenticity coach.



I recently wrote about how applying the concepts that Bianca and I discussed in this interview have helped me be a better mom. If this is something you struggle with as well, check it out!

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