Black Owned Guided Journals + Best Self-Improvement Tools For Beginners With Nya Jones Of Inside Then Out

Episode 8 January 29, 2021 00:25:37
Black Owned Guided Journals + Best Self-Improvement Tools For Beginners With Nya Jones Of Inside Then Out
Black Owned Guided Journals + Best Self-Improvement Tools For Beginners With Nya Jones Of Inside Then Out

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Another month, another Black-owned business! I felt like January was THE PERFECT time to share one of my favorite Black owned guided journals with you all, so I was super excited to chat with Nya Jones, the owner of Inside Then Out about the best best self-improvement tools for 2021 and, of course, her Better Every Day Journal. I originally connected with Nya on Instagram and ended up featuring Inside Then Out in a Black Owned Gift Guide I created for the holidays. With folks continuing to spend more time indoors (thanks, COVID) self-improvement has been and will continue to be the name of the game as we move through 2021, so I knew I wanted to feature Nya and her guided journal as part of my January Black Owned Business of the Month feature.

If you're new to the self-improvement space, the terms self-improvement and personal development may seem a little vague, but I loved how Nya broke these larger-scale ideas down into bite-sized nuggets and actionable tips that we can all immediately put to use in our everyday lives. Nya was such a treat to chat with; whether you're a newbie or you're experienced in the self-improvement arena, you're definitely going to want to listen!

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Nya Jones developed the concept for her Better Every Day Journal after she examined her own self-improvement journey and saw a need for more consistency and more intention with her process. When she noticed a lack of diversity in the self-improvement industry, Nya decided to create the journal she would want for herself.

Today, the Better Every Day Journal is one of the best Black owned guided journals out there. It features a beautifully designed Black textured Vegan leather cover and contains 365 (YES, 365!) prompts designed to inspire, uplift, and encourage with themes like self-awareness, love, passion, and personal growth.
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