Cultivating Intimacy In A Relationship While Honoring Your Career

Episode 10 February 22, 2021 00:39:16
Cultivating Intimacy In A Relationship While Honoring Your Career
Cultivating Intimacy In A Relationship While Honoring Your Career

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This week, I chatted with Sherica A. Matthews about developing and cultivating emotional intimacy in a relationship with your spouse or partner while also running your business or pursuing a successful career. As moms, partners, business owners, career-women, or some combination of all four, sometimes (okay, maybe a lot of the time) we struggle with maintaining that strong relationship with our partners. With the added pressure of teleworking and virtual school, a lot of us are stressed, busy, and struggling now more then ever. So, I figured we were long overdue for a conversation about the challenges we face with building emotional intimacy in our relationships and how to overcome those issues.

My biggest takeaway? Relationships are abstract, so there's no "right way" to handle them. As far as relationship advice, tips, ideas, etc. take the concepts that you find the most helpful and adapt them to your specific situation.

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Sherica A. Matthews is a professional Life Coach with certifcations in relationship coaching and grief counseling. While working in her original field of choice, electrical engineering, Sherica noticed the lack of information and "formal training" in maintaining intimacy in relationships for female entrepreneurs and career women. She was inspired to get her life coach certification and immediately went to work helping her fellow women entrepreneurs.

You can learn more about Sherica's work at or on her YouTube channel where she shares spot-on relationship advice and tips for women entrepreneurs.
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