How This Black Owned Eyewear Company Brings Style, Functionality, and Quality To The Masses

Episode 4 December 14, 2020 00:33:40
How This Black Owned Eyewear Company Brings Style, Functionality, and Quality To The Masses
How This Black Owned Eyewear Company Brings Style, Functionality, and Quality To The Masses

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Welcome back to another episode of TRIBE Culture LIFE! This week, I'm chatting with Jason Johnson, of Ezy Eyes, a Black-owned online eyewear company that specializes in blue-light filtering eyewear with both prescription and transitional lenses. Jason started his business in August 2020, and already, he has developed efficient systems and workflows that help Ezy Eyes shine and allow him to focus on being the visionary instead of the bottleneck of his business.




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This episode is part of my initiative to highlight a new Black owned business every month. I connected with Jason through my husband who came home one day, sporting a nice pair of frames and telling me all about his super cool co-worker who had recently started a business. I love the idea of a Black-owned eyewear company, especially one that turns out such a stylish, quality product. So, when I started the Black owned business of the month segment, I knew I wanted to have Jason on. I loved chatting with him about his vision for his business and what his experience has been like so far, so I know ya'll are going to love listening in!


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