How To Advocate For Yourself With Your Doctor + Google Alert! How To Determine Whether Your Source Is Actually Credible

Episode 14 September 16, 2021 00:54:56
How To Advocate For Yourself With Your Doctor + Google Alert! How To Determine Whether Your Source Is Actually Credible
How To Advocate For Yourself With Your Doctor + Google Alert! How To Determine Whether Your Source Is Actually Credible

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Today's episode is a good one, ya'll! My guest, Shala Thomas, is a medical communication specialist, so she knows a thing or two about reliable sources. In this episode, we discuss everything from how to advocate for yourself with your doctor to the vaccine trials and how to determine an online source's credibility. Shala had some really good insight on how the trials went down and the safeguards put in place to help protect the general public, so I'm especially excited for you to listen. FULL SHOWNOTES HERE

how to advocate for yourself with your doctor
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We actually taped this episode earlier this year, but a lot of the topics (vaccine hesitancy & the Black community's mistrust for doctors in general) are still incredibly relevant today. I originally wanted to do what I could to share reliable information and help people advocate for themselves with their doctors and I think, even today, our chat will go a long way in doing that. Anyway, take a listen, and as always, come find me on Instagram to share your thoughts!




Shala Thomas is a medical communications specialist with a PhD in Oncology. We go into the details of what that actually means, but, in a nutshell, Shala helps write up the articles and reports you see in esteemed medical journals like the New England Journal of Medicine. As one of the few Black women in her chosen field, Shala's definitely the person to speak with about reliable medical sources, and of course, the kind of tricky relationship some Black folks have with healthcare professionals. Shala shared a lot of thoughtful insight in this episode, so it's a good one to listen to and share with anyone who wants to know more about advocating for themselves with their doctors.



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