How To Start Montessori At Home

Episode 12 May 04, 2021 00:26:57
How To Start Montessori At Home
How To Start Montessori At Home

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In today's podcast episode, I'm chatting with Anitra Jackson of Chronicles of a Momtessorian about the meaning of Montessori and how to start Montessori at home and/ or in the classroom. If you're a homeschooling parent, teacher, or a parent who's just looking to switch things up a bit with your littles, this is an awesome episode to get tips and a better understanding of what Montessori means. FULL SHOWNOTES HERE


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Around this time last year, I, like many parents, prepared for the possibility of homeschooling my oldest baby. She was due to start pre-school last year, but I didn't feel comfortable doing traditional schooling, so homeschool was our best bet. In my research, I stumbled across Montessori and was instantly intrigued. I've mentioned before how we're raising our babes to be independent and outspoken, and this seemed like the perfect way to encourage those traits. The tiny snag? There's sooo much info out their on Montessori; some of it was helpful, and some of it was confusing and downright conflicting. Enter Anitra and Chronicles of a Momtessorian. I knew she would be the perfect gal to chat about how to start incorporating Montessori concepts at home.

how to start montessori at home
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Anitra Jackson first began incorporating Montessori at home when her oldest child was just eighteen months. She fell in love with Montessori after observing a Montessori class in action. Anitra was inspired by the students as they worked peacefully, some independently and some with their teacher, and decided to incorporate the concepts at home with her own children. Today, Anitra is a certified Montessori Educator of 19 years and the creator of Chronicles of a Momtessorian, an all-encompassing lifestyle blog with tons of helpful resources, activities, and info for Montessori parents and educators.



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