Regina Hill of The Faith-Filled Teacher On Her Mission To Encourage & Inspire Her Fellow Teachers, And How Her Faith Informs How She Interacts With Her Students In The Classroom

Episode 5 December 30, 2020 00:25:53
Regina Hill of The Faith-Filled Teacher On Her Mission To Encourage & Inspire Her Fellow Teachers, And How Her Faith Informs How She Interacts With Her Students In The Classroom
Regina Hill of The Faith-Filled Teacher On Her Mission To Encourage & Inspire Her Fellow Teachers, And How Her Faith Informs How She Interacts With Her Students In The Classroom

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Welcome back to another TRIBE Culture LIFE episode! I connected with Regina years ago when we sang together in praise and worship at her parents' church and I've followed her blog, The Faith-Filled Teacher since its inception. Regina has always been full of light and positivity so I was so excited to have her on the podcast. In today's episode, we chat about how she has built The Faith-Filled Teacher into one of the top faith-based resources for Christian teachers and how she uses her platform to encourage and inspire her fellow educators.

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The Prayer Journal For Teachers, by Regina Hill


Regina Hill is an elementary school teacher of fifteen years who primarily works with English speakers of other languages, or ESOL students. Regina is mom to two beautiful girls in second and fifth grade and the creator of The Faith-Filled Teacher, and author of The Prayer Journal For Teachers. She created The Faith-Filled Teacher a few years ago as a faith-based resource designed to uplift and inform teachers of her main message: that your faith can be gamechanger in the classroom if you learn to look at your work and your students through the lens of love and kindness.


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