Sante Grace: This Black Owned Plus Size Clothing Brand Brings Style & Quality To The Plus Size Arena

Episode 16 November 22, 2021 00:32:41
Sante Grace: This Black Owned Plus Size Clothing Brand Brings Style & Quality To The Plus Size Arena
Sante Grace: This Black Owned Plus Size Clothing Brand Brings Style & Quality To The Plus Size Arena

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Giving What It's Supposed To Give: Black Owned Plus Size Clothing That Flatters & Inspires


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November's Black Owned Business of the Month is Black owned plus size clothing brand, Sante Grace! I chatted with owner and designer, Tracy Christian, about the challenges she has overcome since launching Sante Grace last year at the height of the pandemic and how she basically created her own blueprint for quality, designer-inspired plus size clothing. FULL SHOWNOTES HERE

As you'll hear Tracy mention, one of the biggest pitfalls of the fashion industry is that it is inherently designed to make women feel less than, as if there's some part of their body that they need to fix in order to be able to rock the latest trend. But one of the amazing things that sets Sante Grace apart, is that Tracy creates beautiful clothing to make you feel good RIGHT NOW, not after Spanx, and not 5-10 pounds from now. I was so inspired by my chat with Tracy and I know you will be too. Enjoy!

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Tracy's Picks

The Muse Silk Kaftan

Haute Carine Pussybow Silk Chiffon Top

Something The Lord Made Two Piece Terry Cloth Set



You may already by familiar with Tracy Christian. Based in Los Angles, California, she runs a successful licensed talent agent, TCA Mgmt, and her past clients include Octavia Spencer, Mo'Nique, and Elizabeth Moss. As you can imagine, Tracy's career requires her to dress up fairly often. When Tracy repeatedly ran into issues finding stylish, elegant plus size pieces, she would often go directly to her seamstress to have a piece created for herself. She decided to do that on a larger scale, and Sante Grace was born.

As a whole, the fashion industry tends to fail plus size women who want quality, sustainable clothing. Sante Grace supplies that need with beautifully crafted styles that go to 4X. Tracy pieces are inspired by her own life and her favorite designers and they're designed with a unique and appreciative understanding of the female plus size body.


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