Unschooling Resources For Black Families + More On Sustainable Real Estate

Episode 3 November 02, 2020 00:45:07
Unschooling Resources For Black Families + More On Sustainable Real Estate
Unschooling Resources For Black Families + More On Sustainable Real Estate

Show Notes

If you're wondering how exactly unschooling and sustainable real estate go together, don't worry because you're totally going to get it after listening in on my chat with Dr. Sundiata Soon-Jahta. Dr. Sundiata and I are members of the same Conscious Parenting group on Facebook and when I came across his website, I knew I had to have him on.

He wears many hats, but in today's episode, we're chatting mainly about unschooling (how it works, how it differs from traditional homeschool) and, of course, a life of sustainability as it relates to selling real estate. For example, did you know that you can participate in carbon offset programs to help balance your carbon footprint? Me either! Talk about putting your money where you mouth is!

Intrigued? So was I! Take a listen, and, as always be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the pod and leave a rating/ comment below!

Unschooling Resources

More on Sustainable Real Estate in Atlanta, GA (work with Dr. Sundiata)

More on Dr. Sundiata's Lunch & Learn (No More Arguments: How To Resolve Conflict In A Peaceful Way)


The Conscious Parent, Dr. Shefali Tsabari

More on Akilah Richards (follow #RaisingFreePeople on Instagram!)


More FREE Resources for unschooling & authentic dialogue HERE & HERE

Connect With Dr. Sundiata Soon-Jahta: Instagram


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