What It’s Like To Work As A Successful Actor During A Pandemic + A New Black Owned Business For Everyone To Check Out!

Episode 2 October 25, 2020 00:34:24
What It’s Like To Work As A Successful Actor During A Pandemic + A New Black Owned Business For Everyone To Check Out!
What It’s Like To Work As A Successful Actor During A Pandemic + A New Black Owned Business For Everyone To Check Out!

Show Notes

Aaaand, welcome to episode two of TRIBE Culture LIFE! I have wanted to interview my sister, Hillary, for a while now. There are so many topics we talk about daily and every single one of them would have made for an awesome podcast episode, but I’ve always been especially fascinated with (and so proud of!) Hillary’s successful acting career.

When she first told us, her family, about her plans to become an actor, we were skeptical to say the least. I think, for some people who aren’t in her world, it’s hard to see the middle ground between the starving actor and the successful, famous actor you see in movies or on television every day. But Hillary has managed to build a fruitful, successful career that has given her so many opportunities and I was really excited to chat with her about how she’s done that.

So. If you’re considering acting. If you know an aspiring actor. If your kids want to be actors. This is the episode for you!

Oh, and the Black owned business part? Hillary recently started Joyful & Company, a luxury, Vegan, organic, cruelty-free bath & body shop. Her products are lovingly handcrafted in small batches, and the quality is top notch (my girls looove her bath bombs and I’m partial to the hand soaps; I can’t get enough of Gummy Burst). Her holiday collection recently dropped and there are some amaaazing scents there!

Mentioned In Today’s Episode

Joyful & Company, use code ALLDAY to save 10%

Actor Conferences

United Professional Theatre Auditions (UPTA)

Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC)

The University Resident Theatre Association (URTA)

Actor Resources

THE ACTOR: Self-Guided Journal For Actors To Encourage Preparing For Auditions, Tiffany Roshae

Evolution Talent Agency

Actors Access

800 Casting

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